Monday, March 18, 2013

It's been a year since the last post. Just gonna throw up some random art over that past year. It's been super busy working on a kid's book and a comic. I can't show images of them yet but keep an eye out for them. The kid's book is called "Halloween: A Special Day" and the comic is called "Soldiers of Sin".  It was super fun to work on them.  But on to the images shown in the entry. The top image is a coloring I did for fun of the new batman comic coming out being drawn by Jae Lee. His art is quite amazing. Next is an old man portrait I've been working on for a while. I have a detail of his face, I just wanted to create a super realistic drawing and I work on it when I have some down time. I colored the two face drawing, I liked the B/W drawing of it better than the colorized version. But, it still looks pretty awesome. Another comic page drawn by Jae Lee, this time its animal man. I think the colors look pretty sweet and it was really different coloring his style because it's just so different than what I am used to. Next, I did a portrait of my Aunt's dog for my Aunt for christmas. She loved it and thought it was awesome. I rushed on that job, which is my only regret. I did a joker coloring for the new series death in the family, and I just liked how grotesque the imagery is here and it captures the craziness of the joker with a single image. The next is a commission I did for a friend who wanted to be a zombie. I did it for only $125, so if you are interested in having a zombie portrait let me know in the comments. Last but not least, is a portrait I did of myself as an old man. I wanted to work on skin texture and wrinkles with this project. I did learn a lot and am completely happy on how it turned out.

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Two face work in progress.

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